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Looking for a photographer that fits your ideal shoot? Look no further!! We have put together a list of some of the best photographers in town just for you.

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Jaylene Dawn Photography

Jaylene Yang

Location: Brooklyn Park, MN

Style of Photography: Natural, Fine Art and Portraits

Editing Style: Light and Bright, True to Color


Gao Shee Her

Location: Twin Cities, MN

Portraits and creative art (lifestyle, editorial)

Style of editing: Warm and cool tones, soft, airy

Softpalette  Photography

Mai Ka Yang (MK)

Location: Twin Cities, MN

Style of Photography: Nature lightings, light and soft - true to color; Editing depends on the client's theme and style of the shoot on the day off

Everestmk Memories 


Chue Lee Photo

Chue Lee
Location: St Paul, MN

Style of photography: Portrait photography
Style of editing: Bright&Colorful, Moody



Allyson Oman
Minneapolis, MN
Style of photography: Raw, Authentic,Timeless
Clean, Warm, Moodyy



Shennie Pakou Lee
Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota
Style of photography: Lifestyle and Portrait
Style of editing: Light and Airy, Natural

 Jolanta Young Photography

Jolanta Young
Location: Twin Cities Metro
Style of photography: Branding/Lifestyle
Style of editing: (ex: light and airy)

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Location: Twin Cities Metro
Style of Work: Creative Agency offering Mix Media. Photography, Videography, and Graphic Design
Style of editing: No preference

Silent Echo Studios

NYC Skyline BW

Cross Lake Media

 Meredith Gruenes
Location: St. Paul MN
Style of photography: Family, Lifestyle, Senior, Newborn and Couples
Style of editing: light, airy, nature

Bao Yang Photos

Bao Yang
Serving the Twin Cities
Style of photography: Light, airy, Style of editing: Natural and neutral tones

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