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About Us

The best way to predict the future is to create it.


This is a great place for new and/or experienced photographers to bring their creative ideas to life. You're a videographer? No worries, you're welcome too! I offer studio to rent for Hourly, Half, and Full day rentals. 


I’ve always felt like photography is more than a few snapshots. I treat it like my personal art. I decided to open my studio business so I can continue to create art. My studio is my canvas. Everything in the studio wouldn't be possible without my partner, Bruce Lee. He does all the heavying lifting and woodwork. I do all the pretty floral designs and more. We make a pretty good team.


I would love to share my canvas with all you creative folks as well. Anyone with creative ideas can bring them to life. You can rent out Her Canvas LLC Studio at your leisure. Please treat it with kindness like it’s your own. With that being said, feel free to browse around and book your session! Regardless if it’s for your creative work or client work, book with Her Canvas LLC Studio


Hello! My name is Gina Her. It's a pleasure having you here. Thank you for your interest in my studio and photography work. I've been taking photos for the past 12 years and here is my back story on how I got started with photography.


Growing up as an immigrant shaped me to be who I am today. I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand in 1991 and soon after we fled to the US in 1993. We then made Saint Paul, Minnesota home to us. My parents have always taught me the value of life and to work hard in order to get what I want in life. I've always lived by that rule. My mom had a stroke after giving birth to me and never really recovered since that incident. Although today she has speech impediment and can't move fast anymore, she motivates me to dream bigger than what I was taught in school.  When I look at her smile and hear her laughter at the little things in life, that motivates me to start my own photography business. Capturing people's little and big moments in life is what I live for. I am honored each time someone picks me to photograph their special moments. Nothing in life comes easy and I plan to continue to work hard to make other people's dreams come true through my vision with photography.


When I was in middle school my English teacher asked us to create a book about what we wanted to be when we grow up. At that time, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I have always loved taking photos as a kid. I would often take photos with a disposable camera and developed the photos. I still have some of those photos til this day. That's the thing about photos, they’re clips of our memories that we can look back on years from now. Fast forward to high school during my senior year, I started working at a grocery store to save up to buy my very first camera. Every since then I started to shoot my friends and family for fun then soon became a business. I never stopped shooting since then. I now specialize in self portraits, family portraits, fine art photography, and weddings. Did I mention I love staging all my studio sessions? If you like to know more, feel free to contact me to schedule a visit to my studio.


Get to Know me: Gina Her

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